7 key data challenges for Product Managers

Data science is a key part of a PM’s day-to-day job. Playing the most customer-centric role in their organisation, product managers need to understand customers in every possible way. But, using gut feeling is no more enough, given the velocity, volume and variety of product data.

Looking beyond the Bitcoin bubble

The open protocols of the world wide web -HTTP, SMTP, POP- are the most impressive example of commons-based creation in the history of mankind.

What does Airbnb for cars look like?

Turo is a peer-to-peer carsharing start-up from Silicon Valley, aspiring to disrupt the car-rentals industry in a similar way as Uber has done with the taxi industry.

MAD…and bodily fuels

Modelling the MAD Game (Mutual Assured Destruction) in the Cold War Era, as a simultaneous decisions game, determining the rational outcome…as well as when rational can fail…